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Tired of hefty monthly payments to cable or satellite companies that give you too much repetition and little choice in the channels you can get? Why pay for something that is mostly available for free and perfectly legal?

There are a few advantages to having free TV, aside from the huge cost savings that can amount to several thousand dollars over a short number of years.

One, you will be able to get some channels completely unavailable by either cable or satellite service. These are mostl
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Ital Computes Inc.

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Technical Computer Networking Systems Analyst/Engineer – A+,N+ CCNA with a 6 yrs technical background i am an IT professional with full time careers in the industry. The services offered are more suited for a small to mid-sized business that needs part-time Information Technology support on hardware and software upgrades for both desktop and laptops even installing, removing/maintaining of network, IT, computers needs to a "TEE" Italian style.
On-site & phone support available!
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